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"The best performance I’ve seen ... Daniel Patrick Russell is flat-out astonishing as Christopher, a role that requires him to be onstage for virtually the entire play and portray extreme levels of emotional and physical trauma, as well as welcome flashes of utter joy. Russell, who is also on the spectrum, ... flawlessly plays a fragile, though sometimes volatile, teenage boy"

-San Diego Union Tribune-

"The genuinely magnificent Mr. Russell pulls at our hearts with an intensity that is both difficult and compelling to watch."

-Stage and Cinema-

"yet another breathtaking display of young Russell's seemingly endless reservoir of talent"

-The People's Critic-

"Daniel is incredibly deep and boyishly just kind of wildly present"

-Faith Prince-

"Daniel Patrick Russell is extraordinary in his physicality and ability to emote while also staying true to the character's ... communication style"

-Broadway World Reviews-

"Daniel Patrick Russell ... is on the spectrum ... and his performance is riveting. Born in Australia, he has been making his mark on international stages for over a decade and appearing in films and on TV as well. He's the heart and soul of the gifted ensemble here, and no photo can capture the way he moves"

-San Diego Visual Arts-

"His energy, spontaneity and sensitivity to character are off the charts. The young veteran ... has us caring about him, worrying about him and of course rooting for him from the very opening of the story"

-Stage West-

"Daniel Patrick Russell ... is outstanding. The intention, the physicality, and the delivery are perfection."

-Desde Otro 0-

"... the intensity he brought to the stage meant you can't look away"


"his energy was all encompassing ... he owned the stage"

-Vanessa Ronan-Pearce-

"beyond amazing with a powerful performance ... the strongest vocal and emotional moments of the cast"

-Broadway World Reviews-

"The key to this wonderfully produced play is the incredible performance by Australian born Daniel Patrick Russell"

-North County Daily Star-

"Russell shines like some beacon of light in the firmanent"

-The People's Critic-

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